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Our Innovation Journal aims to increase STEM literacy in the community and share the amazing things that students with strong STEM backgrounds are capable of. Our annual, peer-reviewed scientific journal, and our Peer Mentorship Program comprise Innovation!


Innovation is a formal scientific journal exclusively for showcasing research driven by high schoolers. The journal provides young researchers the unique opportunity to publish their research in a professional format, which includes both student-written research and complementing feature articles. Innovation inspires students to pursue similar subjects and helps educate the community.

All research articles are written by high school students and peer-reviewed by STEMY team members and display the quality and caliber of the high school research conducted within our community. Feature articles discuss the latest trends in research, tips for high school researchers, and much more.

Publication formats
The Innovation journal includes two types of full-length articles: research papers and feature articles (commentary and broad analysis of scientific trends, editorials, etc.).

Research articles are the core scientific publications submitted by student researchers. These papers should be as concise as possible and written in an accessible manner.

Feature articles will provide broad commentary, an analysis of scientific trends and recent innovations or editorial pieces about personal experience with scientific research.


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Latest Edition

Past Editions

Peer Mentorship Program

Our Peer Mentorship Program aims to connect high-achieving student researchers who have presented their research at ISEF, KYSEF, JSHS, AJAS, and other national conventions with one or more peers (especially underclassmen) new to scientific research. The mentor assists and advises the mentee through all major components of the scientific method and research process. 

If you have any questions about the peer mentorship program, or you'd like a mentor, please contact us at or!

If you would like to sign up for the 2022-23 Peer Mentorship Program, fill out the Interest Forms below!

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