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Library workshop information!


Math-a-Maniacs offers an after-school workshop for middle schoolers. These workshops teach students fun math topics which are not usually taught in the classroom. Our aim is to help eliminate the negative mentality around math, and encourage students to be unafraid to pursue careers in STEM!

Math-a-Maniacs is a six-week afterschool workshop for middle schoolers. The workshops teach students fun math topics, along with their real-world applications, and expose underserved kids to new topics not usually taught in the classroom. To help eliminate the negative mentality about math, lessons always include engaging activities. Previous year’s lessons included fractals, the golden ratio, statistics, and vectors, and workshops have been held at Olmsted South Middle School, the Academy @ Shawnee, Farnsley Middle School, and Johnson Traditional Middle School.

In addition to hosting school workshops, Math-a-Maniacs also creates math videos on YouTube and TikTok!


STEMY Math-A-Maniacs is hosting a free math workshop at the Highlands-Shelby Park library at the Teen Outpost, open to elementary and middle schoolers, ages 10-16!

The workshops will be on Saturdays from 2PM-3PM on February 18th, 25th, March 4th, 11th, and 18th. You don't need to attend previous workshop session to attend the next one. 

This will be a hands-on, interactive workshop that will discuss fun math topics not usually taught in schools, such as fractals and chaos theory. No prior knowledge about any of these math topics is needed. 

This workshop will also incorporate aspects of art in math. You do not need to bring any materials, but expect to leave with cool knowledge and cool creations!

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