STEMY’s programs are divided into the categories of inspire, educate, and explore. Learn more about each of our different initiatives at the following links.

INSPIRE programs are designed to increase community STEM literacy and share the amazing things students with strong STEM backgrounds are capable of.  The Innovation journal, our annual, peer-reviewed scientific journal, and STEMY Spotlight, our weekly newsletter, comprise STEMY's inspire programs.


EDUCATE programs teach students about fascinating STEM concepts through engaging, hands-on activities with real-world applications. STEMY Academy, the Scientific Method Workshops, and the Robotics workshops comprise our educate programs.

EXPLORE programs harness students' natural curiosity about the world and apply it to STEM exploration. By allowing them to investigate the world around them through a scientific lens, the STEMY Science Kits empowers students to pursue new interests and passions for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.