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STEMY Academy is a two-pronged educational initiative that aims to cultivate a scientific curiosity among local middle schoolers, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds. 

Part A:
The first prong of STEMY Academy (Part A) is an afterschool science workshop showing students that STEM is exciting. The STEMY Academy team visits middle schools in Louisville and conducts fun, unique, experiments each week. Some of our past experiments include taking the DNA of a strawberry, building model lungs, and making ice cream!

Part B:

The second prong of STEMY Academy educates students about real-world issues that can be solved through STEM. Participants

learn about major problems affecting our global society, work in groups to discuss these problems, and explore ways to address them through hands-on activities. Part B, open to all Louisville middle schoolers. In the past, students have explored the topics of Electricity/Magnetism, Microbiology, Music/Acoustics, and Forensic Science. In 2021, we conducted virtual sessions and sending out kits to participants to complete experiments with us virtually.

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