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Our workshop programs teach students about fascinating STEM concepts through engaging, hands-on activities with real-world applications. These programs are not only educational, but also demonstrate that STEM is fun and exciting, sparking new passions for these fields. STEMY Academy, Math-a-Maniacs, and our new Engineering Workshop called STEMechanics comprise our workshop department.


STEMechanics is a 4-week elementary and middle school workshop designed to teach kids about engineering and architecture. It is our newest workshop and will be held throughout the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 sessions! Stay tuned for workshop pictures and updates throughout this year.



Math-A-Maniacs is a six-week afterschool workshop for middle schoolers. The workshops teach students fun math topics along with their real-world applications and expose underserved kids to new topics not usually taught in the classroom. Lessons always include engaging activities to drive new knowledge home. Our goal is to eliminate the negative mentality about math and encourage the kids to pursue future careers in math. Previous year’s lessons included fractals, the golden ratio, statistics, and vectors and occur at Olmsted South Middle School, the Academy @ Shawnee, and Farnsley Middle School.

After learning the four core topics from the first four lessons, the kids pair up and work on projects to showcase the information that they learned. Each pair chooses a topic and develops their own, creative math project that illustrates real-world implications. Finally, students present their projects at a math fair at the end of the program.

In January 2021, we conducted an online workshop and added lessons on logarithms and card magic. We also hosted a city-wide math video contest for K-8 students who were encouraged to submit a 3-minute video explaining a specific math concept. Check out our winning submissions here!

STEMY Academy

STEMY Academy

STEMY Academy is a two-pronged educational initiative that aims to cultivate a scientific curiosity among local middle schoolers, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds. 

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The first prong of STEMY Academy (Part A) is an afterschool science workshop showing students that STEM is exciting. The STEMY Academy team visits middle schools in Louisville and conducts fun, unique, experiments each week. Some of our past experiments include taking the DNA of a strawberry, building model lungs, and making ice cream!

The second prong of STEMY Academy (Part B) educates students about real-world issues that can be solved through STEM. Participants

learn about major problems affecting our global society, work in groups to discuss these problems, and explore ways to address them through hands-on activities. Part B, open to all Louisville middle schoolers, will begin in February and last until mid-March. In the past, students have explored the topics of Electricity/Magnetism, Microbiology, Music/Acoustics, and Forensic Science. In 2021, we conducted virtual sessions and sending out kits to participants to complete experiments with us virtually.

From 2018 to 2021, this series of workshops aimed to teach Elementary school students about the Scientific Method and its application to the real world. The students then used this knowledge to devise their own, independent project to be presented at an after-school science fair hosted by STEMY.


With the knowledge and experience gained from this workshop, students  prepared to move on to the next level of scientific inquiry in middle and high school.

Past Scientific Method Workshops

Old Scientific Method Workshops
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This elementary school workshop is generally an eight-week program. For the first half of the program, students are taught the scientific method during after-school sessions. In these lessons, students are shown a brief presentation, then reinforce their knowledge through an experiment or lab pertaining to what they were taught that week. Our typical first half of the workshop looks like this:

Week 1 – Scientific Question
Week 2 – Hypothesis
Week 3 – Experiment/Data
Week 4 – Conclusion

Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 5.03.55 PM.png

After students have completed learning about the Scientific Method, they begin to work on their own science fair projects. Weeks 5 through 7 function as work sessions, where students collaborate on their projects and have the opportunity to ask STEMY team members and volunteers questions. STEMY leaders set goals for the students to complete up to a certain point of their project every week. During week 8, parents, teachers, administrators, and STEMY staff are invited to attend the science fair to see the students present their projects.

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